Goodman European Partnership


Goodman European Logistics Fund, FCP-FIS

We consider sustainability a key investment consideration, leading to positive economic, environmental and social outcomes for our properties, our investors, and the world more broadly. We are committed to taking a tangible and measurable approach to sustainability that generates real benefits to the environment, our customers, and the wider communities in which GEP operate.

A series of sustainability improvements of GEP's portfolio over the years can be found here.

As a member of the Goodman Group, the GELF Management (Lux) S.à r.l. (the AIFM) endorses on behalf of itself and GEP, the Goodman Group’s Corporate Responsibility and Sustainability Policy as well as the 2030 Sustainability Strategy. The Goodman Group periodically releases its Sustainability Report that provides details on various sustainability initiatives and outcomes (including those of the AIFM, its advisors, and GEP). For more information please see: